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"No compatible downloads were found for 'Gone In November', so it wasn't installed" Now how's that possible, I have Win7 Ultimate?

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The game itself is 32-bit and only requires a very old OS (Windows XP SP2) or higher. Did you download the game through the app?

Windows 7 Ultimate should be way more than enough to run the game.

I've tried to download through the app and that is their answer. Well idk, I see game is now on Steam and for less than dollar so...I'll support developer a bit. :)
Is that the same version as this one here?

Yes, the Steam release is exactly the same as the one, with the exception that you can also have trading cards, which can compensate the game's price a bit. And thanks, I'm glad you have interests in the game!

Ok, thanks!
Well I love indie titles and unusual pause of Dark Souls and alike. :)

Hey, this is odd! Yesterday when I was on app there was only Download button, not Buy option, so it seems to me that game is actually free here. But now there is buy option and price is 0.99$. That explains a lot, that answer I've got yesterday...
So this is all issue on client side I guess.

quite depressing just following along with the video and I share your disappointment with the ending. then again, Life doesn't promise happy endings and I personally could not connect with the character. nevertheless, has decent potential in a "choose your own adventure" way.

First of all, I'm honored that you are currently using my video on your page. :)

It should be pointed out that this game handles suicide explicitly, not implicitly, as the game points out and handles it directly.

That said, it's a very poignant game that will most likely strongly reflect and resonate with those who have or had depression as well as to people who are sympathetic to those with depression. My only complaint, other than some minor grammar errors, would be about the ending, but after thinking on that for a day I think that might have understood the point of why it ended the way it did.

Thank you for the opportunity to play this game! Selling it for $0.99 might even be short changing yourself a bit.